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MasterChef Season 12: Episode 9: Desserts

Dessert Challenge

We are walking into the MasterChef kitchen as the top 15. That means, since apron battles concluded, that we are down contestants by 25%, which means….less and less room for error. As the numbers dwindle, you can’t just hope to skate by in the middle, all flaws are shown the smaller the numbers get. Every […]

MasterChef: Season 12: Episode 6: Coast Guard Team Challenge

Heading into the top 18, we all realize that 18 is an even number. There is always the risk of a team challenge when the numbers are even (we can be split evenly into two teams). Let me tell you about team challenges. They….are…..rough. There are A LOT of personalities in this competition. Yes, we […]

MasterChef: Season 12: Episode 5: “Spirit Challenge”

We’re down to top 19, and the pressure continues to build. I’m starting to notice the other competitors’ styles and trying to note any strengths or weaknesses. It’s obvious that Fred, Dara, and Amanda are dessert focused. Willie and Christian are definitely more homestyle, and Derrick is strictly fine dining. Noting these strengths and weaknesses […]